Welcome to our new site  


13707531_1342020965812243_4384323991860534192_n Thank you for stopping by the new site. My name is Charlie Dee Diaz and I started Breakout Worldwide as a way to get new music out there to people that like my style of music. I like beats. I like bass. 808 bass. I love percussion, and I love Tribal house.

That being said, the styles or genres of music that influence me range from Trap, to Latin Freestyle, to Breakbeat, to House and all the way to techno. I like to experiment. So if you like those types of tracks, I think you’ll like my music. There is a lot of new music coming from Breakout Worldwide and the next project will be the Tribal House Crew. So subscribe to Breakout Worldwide and keep up to date on all my new music and my adventures.